Kochen ohne Knochen proudly presents: THE PLEASANTS

Wir freuen uns, euch die Tour von THE PLEASANTS zu präsentieren. Warum?

THE PLEASANTS love their guilt-free healthy lifestyle and sharing with others the wealth of knowledge about nutrition, cooking, recycling, and composting. Both Amanda and Mike love to cook Vegan and Raw meals. In fact, some of their songs have come about in the joyful atmosphere of  Vegan cooking and dancing in the kitchen. They enjoy cooking for others, especially non-veg people, in hopes to encourage them to make different choices in the kitchen. THE PLEASANTS plan to participate in more community gardens to help strengthen local communities and help them to reclaim the capacity to grow their own food to become more self-sustaining. They also hope to someday start their own permaculture garden deep in the forest. 
Amanda and Mike are anti-consumeristic and do all they can to boycott the major food conglomerates by gardening, „singing for their supper“, wild foraging, buying local and organic, and supporting ethical, fair-trade, organic, markets and cafes.

27.11.2010: Offenbach – Hafen 2

28.11.2010: Berlin – Lovelite

29.11.2010: Dresden – AZ Conni

01.12.2010: Wien – Rhiz (AT)

09.12.2010: Höchst – Kultursaal (AT)
10.12.2010: München- Kranhalle

12.12.2010: Leipzig – Conne Island

13.12.2010: Gießen – MuK

14.12.2010: Duisburg – Steinbruch

15.12.2010: Karlsruhe – Jubez

16.12.2010: Hannover – Feinkost Lampe

17.12.2010: Bielefeld – AJZ 

18.12.2010: Hamburg – Hasenschaukel

19.12.2010: Kiel – Prinz Willy

Als ihre Einflüsse nennen sie Bands wie Elliot Smith, The Beatles, Neil Young, Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan, The Shins, The Violent Femmes, Johnny Cash etc.


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